Local News | January 25, 2017

Local News | January 25, 2017

Local News | January 25, 2017

On Monday the Mifflin county junior high school was put on a lockdown around 10:15AM after police were warned about a parent possibly coming to the school to pick up a child.

The school was notified of a potential situation and given a vehicle description, the junior high school followed lockdown procedures because an officer was not yet currently on school grounds.

The lockdown lasted no more than 7 minutes and parent were informed through the schools Sky Alert program.

Once it the school was in the all clear the lockdown was lifted and students continued on with their normal school day.


Juniata County residents may see a tax hike during the coming year.

The county school district’s preliminary budget is currently balanced over $37 million with a tax increase of 3.29 percent.

The higher taxes are a result of increases in salaries and benefits.

The budget also contains additional classes — a secondary emotional support classroom and one librarian.

The Board of School Directors is scheduled to vote on the preliminary budget on Feb. 8, after a workshop meeting scheduled for 7 p.m.


The Juniata County Commissioners, gave their approval to execute a contract on behalf of the Mifflintown Municipal Authority to provide water and fire service to homes and businesses along the William Penn Highway in Walker Township.

The authority has had requests to extend water service to at least two local businesses and approximately 35 additional homes and businesses along the route of the water main.

The project will be paid for through a grant totaling $1 million and will include installation of a water storage tank and a booster pumping station. The authority is currently in the process of funding and installing over one mile of water main to the location.

It is said this is an important protect because it will allow, “safer, cleaner water.”


A fire was put out quickly by firefighters Tuesday evening in Derry Township.

The Mifflin County Emergency Communications Center dispatched the fire around 7:30 p.m. for reports of flames coming from a chimney in the 1,000 block of U.S. Highway 522 north.

Crews arrived quickly and were able to use a dry chemical and fire extinguishers to begin putting the fire out until a truck arrived to clean out the chimney to make sure the fire was out completely.

No injuries were reported in the fire.


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